SDC Friends

SDC Friends meeting

An SDC Friends meeting

Fr George Preca, SDC Founder developed a type of spirituality which is quite unique. It is intended for lay people who wish to live fully the counsels and teaching of the Gospel and serve God through the ministry of Catechesis.

Those who join SDC as an Associate members are people who want to share in the spirituality of SDC and it founder. They also meet to share and reflect about spiritual issues and try to help SDC and its activities in the best way they can. The Friends or Associate Members of SDC are people who:

  • Want to discover and share in the living of SDC Spirituality in their everyday life.
  • Are willing to support SDC work with their prayers and in other ways.
  • Work in the ways they can for the promotion of SDC vocations and apostolate.
  • Are interested and willing to meet for meetings of reflection and continuous formation in the faith.

Associate members can be male or female of any age, married or single, who are interested in abiding by the guidelines above in order to foster both their own spiritual growth and for the good of SDC itself and its activities.