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The icon showing someone pulling the cart is inspired from a vision St George Preca had soon after he started SDC in Malta. A young lad pulling a cart full of agricultural manure asked George to help him push the cart. St George believed that young boy was Jesus himself who wanted him to help out in spreading the Word through catechesis. He also said he felt SDC members were with him in that vision. SDC members therefore are people who also want to get involved in pulling the cart along and joining in working to spread the gospel of Jesus.



‘You have heard everything that I teach in public; hand it on to reliable people so that they in turn will be able to teach others. (2 Tim 2: 2)

The quote above was one that inspired our founder St George Preca to make a start and set up SDC - a Catholic society which ‘learns and teaches’. As soon as he became a priest he soon realised there was an urgent need for trained catechists.

SDC grew both in Malta where it was founded as well as abroad. Although more than 100 years have now passed since SDC was established the need for ‘reliable people’ who can become catechists and be able to teach others is still and urgent one in the Church. Our spirituality, our work and our way of life are still based on the key aspiration of the founder – that Jesus becomes better known and loved.

  • Have you ever felt Jesus Christ calling you to follow him in a new way? To become more involved in his Church?
  • Have you ever felt he was calling you to do something else within your parish?
  • Do you like learning more and talking to others about your Catholic Faith?
  • Have you ever thought of becoming a catechist and work with others to spread the ‘Word of God’?

Then it may well be that God is inviting you to explore ways how to put his call into practice and discern more about your vocation.

Contact us if you want to find out more or talk to someone about our SDC Society and our work and vocation. Making contact doesn’t mean you have to commit yourself to anything. It is a process of finding out more about a Society which although organised as Community which follows a Rule, is made up of people who lead a lay way of life which is quite unique in its character anywhere in the Church. Making contact doesn’t mean that someone instantly becomes an SDC full member either. Following initial contact, ways can be agreed how further contact and training could be made. There may also be others who are only interested in becoming ‘associate members’ – people who want to share in the spirit of our Society without becoming full members.

As we are lay people we lead a ‘normal’ way of life which means we all keep a job to earn a living and we usually live in our private residence and not in community house as in the case of those in religious orders. Although we do not take formal vows we do however commit ourselves to lead a celibate life in order to be free to give best witness to the Kingdom of God. We show our commitment to the Church and to Jesus Christ himself by giving our time to come together to organise catechetical programmes in parishes and to continuously improve our own formation.

If you feel intrigued by what you have found out in this section you may wish to make contact with us by mail at
S.D.C. 38 Ryefield Road, Upper Norwood, London SE19 3QU England or by email on Otherwise complete our contact page form on this website by clicking here.

When making contact it is always useful to include some information about yourself, such as your age and where you live, some background about your current or previous occupation or studies and anything else you think may be relevant.

As catechists, you are to provide sweet nourishment for all who hunger for God; you are to bring healing to those who are suffering for lack of light and love. If you do these things, you will truly be a sign of the springtime which the Holy Spirit is now preparing for the Church.

St John Paul II
Address to SDC Members 2001