Issue 21: Autumn 2022

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The word ‘CATECHIST’ comes from the Greek word meaning ‘to echo’. As Catechists or teachers of RE we do not proclaim our own word. We echo the message of Jesus Christ our Lord. This newsletter aims at providing parish catechists and teachers of RE in schools some support in terms of reflections, ideas, useful resources they can use and so on. Feel free to share with other colleagues and friends. There is also a pdf version which you can download by clicking on the thumbnail below.

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Saints: The Real Celebrities
Sainthood is for everyone
SDC in London
Remembering the Queen
New Prayer Book

Saints: the Real Celebrities


Carlo Acutis

In an age where so many follow and are sometimes ’obsessed’ by ‘celebrities’ they come across in the media, there is a need that those working within the Church, present to those they teach with examples of role models that for some reason are much less known among young people.


Pier Giorgio Frassati

Saints are the true celebrities we should be imitating and talking to young people about. How many of our young people have ever heard of any of the English Martyrs, Carlo Acutis, Piergiorgio Frassati, and many more? Yet most or almost all know who the latest celebrity in Rap music, Football or TV is. The saints are real people and there is nothing fake about them. They were people who made a conscious decision to follow Jesus and give witness to him in so many different ways in their daily lives.


Josephine Bakhita


Therese of Lisieux

There have been saints of all sorts over the centuries - male or female, white and black, rich or poor, any nationality, some died young, some lived a very long life. Some were married, other were priests, nuns, missionaries, doctors, even kings and queens. It is truly a case of all sorts of saints. It is about time that all of us as teachers and catechists try to uncover more of this treasure of the Church and present more ‘saints’ to young people as real persons they can imitate and be inspired by as they grow up in these often confused times which are giving rise to so much uncertainty for many. Let the light of the saints shine once more.

For Everyone


To be saints is not a privilege of the FEW but a vocation for EVERYONE.

Pope Francis

SDC in London - Our Recent Events and Gatherings

Bible Study Group - The Universal Letters


Following our August break, we resumed our weekly Bible Study group. The focus this year is on the ‘Universal letters’. In January we started with a general introduction which was then followed by meetings on each of the Universal letters each month: the letter of St John, St James, Jude and others. Our meetings which are now hybrid meetings are open for people to attend in person but also allow others to join us virtually on Zoom. Among the other topics we regularly cover are the History of the Church, aspects of SDC Spirituality, Lives of Saints and current affairs.

Celebrating the Sacraments


Various groups of children took another step on their faith journey when they celebrated sacraments over a period of few weeks through the end of May and the month of June and July. These included two First Holy Communion groups and the Confirmation group at the Rosary Parish, the RCIC group in Thornton Heath as well as the First communion and Confirmation group at the Virgo Fidelis Parish in Upper Norwood.

Barbecue in the Sun

Planning for a Barbeque in London is usually very tricky, mainly due to the fact that it is always very difficult to predict what the weather would be like. This time it was an exception! Our annual end of term BBQ for SDC Friends in the garden at Ryefield road took place in sweltering heat at the beginning of a heatwave. It was a good get together when many were able to meet again in person following many months of only attending meetings online.

Feast of St George Preca


Our annual Reflection day on Sunday 8th May 2022 focused on the theme of the life and work of St John the Baptist, patron saint of SDC. This annual event is usually held around the date of the feast of our founder as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of his spirituality. This year we started with Mass at the parish dedicated to this saint in Purley, in the outskirsts of London. We then proceeded to the convent of the Dominican community in Hook, Hampshire for the rest of the day which also included Bible reflections on the theme of the witness of John the Baptist, Prayer time and devotions in the convent chapel, lunch and the Rosary Prayer.

Remembering the queen


One special person who has recently definitely left a mark on many people was HM Queen Elizabeth who passed away on Thursday 8th September. mary On that day we mark the birth of our Queen of Heaven, Mary. As we pray for the repose of Queen Elizabeth, we also pray to Mary our heavenly queen to continue to guard us and show her motherly love in trying to follow on the steps of her son King of the Universe.

New Prayer Book


Our popular prayer booklet for children has now been revised and re-printed. A copy of this booklet is presented to all children attended our catechism groups in London but it is also able for others to download or purchase on our SDC London website.


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