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RE Resources - Sunday Liturgy

Year A


This section provides worksheets for use in Sunday Liturgy groups for children. They can be downloaded and printed on A4 paper and used both on Sunday during mass or handed out to children at school prior to the weekend. We know they are also used by parents who download them to use with their children at home.

To make it easier for users of our website this section also shows the actual calendar date for each Sunday of the liturgical year. To download click on the relevant Sunday in the second column in the table below.

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Year B

11 January 2015 Baptism of Our Lord 1st Sunday in Ordinary Time
6 January 2015 The Epiphany of Our Lord The Visit of the Three Wise Men
4 January 2015 2nd Sunday after Christmas For countries where the Epiphany is celebrated on 6 January
4 January 2015 The Epiphany of Our Lord The Visit of the Three Wise Men
1 January 2015 Mary, Mother of God
28 December 2014 2nd Sunday of Advent
25 December 2014 The Holy Family
21 December 2014 4th Sunday of Advent
14 December 2014 3rd Sunday of Advent
7 December 2014 2nd Sunday of Advent
30 November 2014 1st Sunday of Advent

Year A

23 November 2014 Christ the King Last Sunday in Ordinary Time
16 November 2014 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
9 November 2014 Dedication of the Lateran Basilica
2 November 2014 All Souls
1 November 2014 All Saints Some countries celebrate this feast on Sunday 2 November

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